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    22 Jun 2017

    Should you automate your cheque printing?

    Many business owners use cheques as a payment technique, and as such many do their own cheque printing. Those that aren’t using an accredited cheque printer run the risk of leaving themselves vulnerable to fraud, or encountering difficulties with the new cheque clearing system that all banks will have in…
    20 Jun 2017

    What makes security print so necessary?

    Security print may sound like something of a buzzword, but as printers become more sophisticated they also become more vulnerable. Publicly accessible printers pose a number of risks, not least being accessed by someone seeking to infringe on you or your business’s privacy or threaten its reputation. Many personal and…
    15 Jun 2017

    What can you use a custom hologram for?

    A custom hologram is a hologram featuring a bespoke design that is used most commonly for security purposes. Most often these security holograms are attached to products to protect them from theft or fraud. You will already be familiar with hologram labels and have likely seen them on multiple products,…
    13 Jun 2017

    This is how certificate printers design the best certificates

    Designing and printing professional looking certificates can be more challenging than you imagine. Although it seems like a simple task, there are many things certificate printers must consider. For example, certificates have a long shelf life and are valuable to the recipient, so design should always play an important role…
    02 Jun 2017

    Will cheque imaging eradicate cheque fraud?

    New technology means that banking customers will have the option to pay a cheque in via an app on their smartphones or iPads. The introduction of this technology, known as “cheque imaging” creates many benefits for both banks and consumers, and will ensure cheques remain a popular payment option. Here…
    30 May 2017

    Five important business uses for printed roll labels

    Whatever your line of business, it’s more than likely you use printed roll labels in one way or another. Because of how quick and easy they are to use, labels can be used for any number of reasons. This makes them one of the most flexible and cost-effective business staples.…
    26 May 2017

    How to source a bespoke hologram

    When sourcing a bespoke hologram, it’s important to know what you are looking for and what’s available to you. Don’t be lead into having a hologram produced from a template that doesn’t contain the security features you require. 3 of the below are bespoke holograms designed and produced by Hague.…
    24 May 2017

    Make checkout more efficient with card stock labels

    The old-fashioned method of manually ringing up a product has practically been made extinct by the introduction of card stock labels with barcodes. Consumers are now accustomed to walking up to the counter and passing their items to the cashier for it to be digitally scanned. Once an item has…
    19 May 2017

    All you need to know about TROY security printing

    If you’ve had a browse of our website you may have noticed that we work in partnership with some of the world’s leading suppliers of laser technology. TROY is one of these companies, and we work closely with them to provide superb quality printer maintenance services, helping to prevent unexpected…
    16 May 2017

    Just what exactly is “cheque imaging”?

    The payments landscape is constantly evolving, but that doesn’t mean cheques are being left behind. In fact, payment by cheque remains one of the most trusted payment options for many businesses, and cheques are still often the preferred method for specific payments, for example tradespeople or certain bills. Far from…
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    HaguePrintUK The best practice for creating professional, #business specific cheques:
    HaguePrintUK Security hologram labels can include many different kinds of #designs:
    HaguePrintUK Revival of the paper #cheque as #chequeimaging rolled out across the UK this Autumn!
    HaguePrintUK Hague #secures place in Top 10 ‘Ones to Recognise’ Profit Track 100 2017 BDO Awards #ProfitTrack100
    HaguePrintUK @RichCowell @MailChimp Apologies. We will take your name off our list. We do not buy lists, and we are sorry you di…
    HaguePrintUK What can you do to protect yourself from #hackers:
    HaguePrintUK Have you considered #customhologram to help protect your #brand and #products from #theft and #fraud?…
    HaguePrintUK Hague collects #certificate from Profit Track 100 2017 BDO Awards #ProfitTrack100
    HaguePrintUK Protect your brand from #counterfeitproducts and #productfraud with a #customhologram for your company…
    HaguePrintUK Have you considered everything for your certificate #design:
    HaguePrintUK #Holograms are not only used for security purposes, but also for #fashion #Retail
    HaguePrintUK From #pharmaceutical packaging to sports memorabilia, custom holograms have many uses:
    HaguePrintUK Professional certificate printers consider many things when designing your certificates:
    HaguePrintUK Less time lag will reduce issues when clearing your #cheques #chequeclearing #chequeprocessing
    HaguePrintUK Looking forward to and very proud to be attending the @ST_FastTrack Profit Track 100 awards dinner tomorrow at the…
    HaguePrintUK You've considered the design, but have you considered the #paper for your #certificates? #universities
    HaguePrintUK What should you be considering when #designing your certificates:
    HaguePrintUK #chequefraud could soon be a thing of past thanks to cheque imaging: #fraud finance

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