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    12 Dec 2017

    Certificate print fraud still happening around the world

    Although there is increased awareness about so-called diploma mills, many employers are still getting fooled by fake certificates. Certificate print fraud doesn’t seem like it will be going anywhere soon, so the best we can do is educate ourselves about how to spot fraudulent documents and how best to check…
    06 Dec 2017

    Custom ticket printing for corporate events

    Employees are what make a successful company, which makes them your most valuable asset. Corporate events are perhaps the most important forum for businesses, as it gives you the chance to showcase current ideas and successes, as well as inspire and motivate employees. Custom ticket printing is one way to…
    04 Dec 2017

    Hague’s top six benefits of using barcode labels

    Barcode labels are still one of the most cost-effective and efficient ways to keep track of stock and reduce overheads. Barcode technology is constantly improving and the labels can be quickly and conveniently fixed to almost any surface. Additionally, staff require minimal training to be able to operate a barcoding…
    30 Nov 2017

    Holographic printing and other ideas for packaging

    Product packaging is a practical tool for transporting and protecting a product. But more than that, it’s a way to tell a story. It’s purpose is to entice a prospective consumer to buy, and to give them a snapshot of information about what’s inside. Holographic printing is one technique that’s…
    28 Nov 2017

    What can print management companies do for you?

    Print management companies are tasked with handling various print tasks for other businesses or individuals. The projects can widely vary from printing brochures and gift voucher printing to designing direct mail and even creating stocktake labels. Many businesses can benefit from outsourcing their printing as it can end up saving…
    22 Nov 2017

    What are they and should you print stock certificates?

    Stock certificates, also known as share certificates, are pieces of paper that prove a person’s partial ownership in a company. They are legal documents that include information like the number of shares held, the date they were purchased, an identifying CUSIP or CINS number, and official signatures or seals. But…
    20 Nov 2017

    Stock rotation labels reduces obsoletism

    One of the main motives for stock rotation is so that a business can sell older products more quickly than new ones. This is to reduce wastage and also ensure you don’t end up selling items that may have expired. Obsoletism is one of the biggest costs for businesses and…
    15 Nov 2017

    The fool proof way to prevent cheque fraud

    With more information readily available to fraudsters than ever before, identity theft is at an all-time high. However, The Guardian reports  that a former GCHQ employee has come up with a novel way to prevent fraud, including all applications for credit and cheque fraud. For the last 13 years, 69-year-old…
    13 Nov 2017

    How to design perfect hologram labels for packaging

    Hologram labels are perhaps the most cost-effective way to protect your products against counterfeiting. And when you design custom hologram labels they act as a powerful deterrent as they are very hard for a fraudster to replicate. What’s more, they are tamper evident — which means they break apart when…
    08 Nov 2017

    Use printed labels on a roll to create great brand merchandise

    If you haven’t yet considered the great impression that brand merchandise can create, now’s the time to start! Just think of it — your brand name on tote bags, mugs, or even using printed labels on a roll to stick on water bottles for business meetings. It’s an effective way…
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    HaguePrintUK Top Tip 2: Set a #budget: Always consider how much you want to spend on the #venue, #entertainment, #catering & dri… https://t.co/Yz3VGOSAOa
    HaguePrintUK Higher Education Degree Datacheck (HEDD) is the UK’s official system for certificate verification & university auth… https://t.co/0RSGSzmuEa
    HaguePrintUK @HaguePrintUK will be taking part in the #Official #ChristmasJumperDay on 15th December to raise money for… https://t.co/JfSxmBZFsu
    HaguePrintUK Protect your #brand from #counterfeits that damage #Revenue, #Consumer confidence & compromises #HealthandSafetyhttps://t.co/pz4lRZ5Y0F
    HaguePrintUK Tip 5 - Quickly access #data recorded from #barcodelabels, enabling you to make informed decisions, ultimately savi… https://t.co/MBRYnzlhlf
    HaguePrintUK Before online brokers, holding the physical version of a #sharecertificate was crucial as they were the only way to… https://t.co/xUSpIU6nFg
    HaguePrintUK Visit our recent #News post to find out about @HagueAustralia 's expansion & new offices! https://t.co/PH1eAdIj6Hhttps://t.co/V7pdokIOJ7
    HaguePrintUK Product packaging is a practical tool for transporting and protecting a product. But more than that, it’s a way to… https://t.co/5cQxRcR8fB
    HaguePrintUK Top Tip 1: Make it a date: Before #eventplanning, you should #pickyourdate, decide on your attendees, and choose yo… https://t.co/lsuo6EyYx3
    HaguePrintUK Visit our recent #News post to find out about @HagueAustralia 's expansion & new offices! https://t.co/PH1eAdIj6Hhttps://t.co/JkeTFsp5YJ
    HaguePrintUK #Certificateprintfraud is an ongoing problem, so the best we can do is educate ourselves about how to spot fraudule… https://t.co/17WWUG7kH8
    HaguePrintUK Tip 4 - Control inventory: #Barcodelabels are the easiest & most precise way to #track #inventory levels. You can p… https://t.co/foV0MfHBag
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    HaguePrintUK Tip 3 - Best way to record data: When it comes to recording & analysing data, barcode labels are the quickest & mos… https://t.co/mvL13JyviE
    HaguePrintUK If you need help designing your product packaging, speak to a professional designer in our in-house team who can ad… https://t.co/kYD3JaJPzf
    HaguePrintUK Read our #blogpost to find out our simple steps you should take to plan a #corporateevent for your #business.… https://t.co/VdH1ZXNosk
    HaguePrintUK Tip 2 - A cost-effective & versatile material: #Barcodelabels are both affordable & straightforward to #design &… https://t.co/IX1kbPF2zp
    HaguePrintUK Custom #ticketprinting is one way to invite attendees and to generate some hype and interest about your upcoming… https://t.co/C6MxQ5pkfs
    HaguePrintUK our in-house design team can help you to create striking designs that make your #stockcertificates a truly special… https://t.co/WSK7y4PdiT
    HaguePrintUK You are very welcome. We are very happy you like them! Hope to continue doing business with you in the future.… https://t.co/6Wdm40GI0o
    HaguePrintUK Do style research before #designing your #packaging so that you find a look and feel that best reflects your… https://t.co/noWLg53Ya1
    HaguePrintUK @HaguePrintUK will be taking part in the #Official #ChristmasJumperDay on 15th December to raise money for… https://t.co/Y2zpKAbBT9
    HaguePrintUK We will be taking part in the Official #Christmas #JumperDay on 15th December! @SaveChildrenUK #ChristmasJumperDayhttps://t.co/oUhA5GCccy
    HaguePrintUK Professional #printcompanies always use the latest #software which means you get access to the newest… https://t.co/wkUrYjvPHY
    HaguePrintUK Tip 1 - Avoid the risk of #humanerrors: #Barcodelabels are the most efficient & reliable way to remove any space fo… https://t.co/OlrOQIVOCA
    HaguePrintUK #Employees are what make a #successfulcompany, which makes them your most valuable #asset. https://t.co/virMZtKOEUhttps://t.co/ERSESXmIai

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