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    04 Feb 2019

    Can the print industry truly be environmentally friendly?

    You might think that the print industry couldn’t possibly be green but the fact is the two don’t need to be mutually exclusive. Quite the opposite in fact! When it comes to the print industry, more and more methods are being developed to continue achieving the required deliverables without harming…
    31 Jan 2019

    Anti-counterfeit barcode labels can protect your brand

    Cracking down on counterfeit products is a primary concern for brands around the world. Many consumers buy counterfeit products deliberately so that they can pay lower prices so it’s often only really you and your brand that suffers. Although it’s incredibly difficult, if not impossible to totally stop counterfeiting, techniques…
    29 Jan 2019

    Simple steps to protecting your business from cheque fraud

    There are a range of measures you can put in place at both bank and business level to tackle cheque fraud and protect your company against one of the biggest challenges faced by the nation’s financial system. Fraudsters are finding it easier and easier to manipulate cheques through the use…
    23 Jan 2019

    Questions to ask yourself before outsourcing to a printing specialist

    Streamlining your printing won’t just save you time, it can seriously reduce your printing costs too. By using paperless solutions in the office and outsourcing your printing processes to a printing specialist, you can improve efficiency and your bottom line. What business owner doesn’t want that? Before you start working…
    21 Jan 2019

    Printed tickets for events: Four expert design tips

    If you’re planning a large event then the likelihood is that you also need to design and print tickets. Printed tickets for events should not be a last-minute consideration, they should work as a tool to build anticipation as well as providing access to the event itself. With that in…
    16 Jan 2019

    Why should you work with a professional certificate printer?

    If you run an educational facility, you might be tempted to print your own certificates. There are so many templates online, you’re probably thinking ‘Why should I spend money on a professional certificate printer?’. But it all boils down to this: if you want to produce something that graduates of…
    14 Jan 2019

    How to choose the right paper stock for your direct mail

    Choosing the right paper stock for your direct mail campaign is one of the most crucial decisions in the overall design process. The right choice can make or break the campaign, so make sure that you are informed about your options before deciding. ”But how many options can there possibly…
    10 Jan 2019

    Printed labels on a roll are a must-have for trade shows

    Don’t go to your next trade show unprepared, at best you’ll waste the money it took to get you there and at worse it can be irreversibly damaging for your brand reputation. Knowing what you need to take to trade shows can help you to make the most of your…
    08 Jan 2019

    Is security print really necessary?

    Your office printers may look like harmless devices but they can pose major security risks to your business. From the threat of stolen documents and network breaches to leaving your printer vulnerable to spam or offensive messages, an unguarded printer can in fact be very dangerous. That’s what makes security…
    02 Jan 2019

    How to create great card stock labels for inventory locations

    Inventory locations are one of the most underrated aspects of warehouse management. Poorly labelled locations can result in costly mistakes such a miss-ships and inventory errors. We know that it’s not the most exciting of topics but it’s necessary to establish best practice so you don’t take a financial hit.…
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