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    27 Dec 2019

    Digital printing solutions explained

    The traditional method of printing is referred to as offset printing. This involves using an aluminium printing plate to transfer the text/image onto the printed material. While the quality of the printed text/image is extremely high, it can be time-consuming and costly, particularly if you only need a small print…
    23 Dec 2019

    Printing essentials for a shop launch

    These past few years have been hard for retailers, but not everyone is seeing it like that. It seems to be that the larger, multi-chain stores are finding it tough, with many brands deciding not to have a presence on the high street all, while small independent specialist shops are…
    18 Dec 2019

    Print certificate design – online template, or bespoke design?

    If you scour the internet, you’ll find hundreds of sites offering certificate templates, many of which are even shown as being free. We often get asked by customers if it’s OK to use an online template to create a print certificate. The truth is, there is no right or wrong…
    16 Dec 2019

    Everything you need to know about using metallic ink in print

    Are you looking to revamp your brand identity soon? Or, are you hosting a special event, such as opening a new store or launching a new product/service, and you want to make a splash with your printed materials? While black & white and coloured inks are great for creating eye-catching…
    10 Dec 2019

    What is a ‘label on a roll’?

    Labels are everywhere, they’re those pieces of paper, plastic or fabric that are attached to objects that provide important information, such as like where the product was produced, its ingredients (food products), its usage and safety instructions. In some form, labels are used across all industries, including clothing, food, toys,…
    03 Dec 2019

    Is print marketing suitable for tech start-ups?

    The term ‘start-up’ has been around for a while. It’s used to describe a new, emerging company. Tech start-ups are typically identifiable by their fast-paced environment, their ability to make decisions and change direction quickly according to changes in the market. They also typically tend to be founded by visionary…
    25 Nov 2019

    Can I make my own hologram stickers?

    A hologram sticker is a flat sticker that has the visual effect of containing a 3D image. They have many uses – in fact, you may have seen one recently on a banknote or on the back of your debit card. The hologram was first developed in 1947 by Hungarian…
    20 Nov 2019

    Promote your business with large format printing

    Large format printing, also known as wide-format printing or grand-format printing, refers to print that is between 18 inches and 100 inches in size and is a really effective way to promote your business. If you’ve not considered incorporating large format printing into your promotional mix or are sceptical about…
    18 Nov 2019

    What words should you include on an award certificate?

    When someone, such as an employee, student or volunteer does something amazing like reaching a special milestone or passing a particularly difficult exam, it’s nice to recognise their achievement with a printed award certificate. Award certificates are quick and easy to create, and they’re greatly valued by the person receiving…
    13 Nov 2019

    What does print management involve?

    Printed text has been around for centuries. The Gutenberg Bible is listed by The Guinness Book of World records as one of the oldest examples of mechanically printed books – the first copies were printed in 1454-55. Luckily for us, since then the print industry has experienced many changes. Most…
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