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    19 Nov 2018

    Event ticket printing or wristbands: Which is best for your event?

    Access control is a kind of security technique that regulates who is allowed access to an event, for example, a festival or football match. It is an important part of regulating entry and lessens the risk to the event planner, business or organisation. Event ticket printing is one way to…
    15 Nov 2018

    How direct mail marketing will rule 2019

    It wasn’t long ago that marketers were predicting that the print industry would be overtaken by digital, but as 2018 comes to an end, print is as popular as ever and more traditional methods of marketing, including brochures and direct mail, are staging a comeback. 2019: The year of direct…
    13 Nov 2018

    Custom cheque printing: What to know before you begin

    Cheques don’t need to be presented as a standard, almost boring piece of stationary. If you design your own custom cheques for your business you can include details like your company logo and branding. However, cheque printing is not as straightforward as simply sending the cheque to your regular printer.…
    08 Nov 2018

    What can a printing specialist help you with?

    Existing print processes are often so deeply embedded in a company that they can be hard to change. But the truth is, printing probably reflects a significant expenditure for your business when it most likely doesn’t have to. This can be avoided by working with a single professional printing specialist…
    06 Nov 2018

    Your handy guide to buying sustainable paper

    As forest loss, pollution and climate change become major concerns for businesses of all sizes, it is more vital than ever to put in place a strategic approach for sustainable paper purchase and use. There are steps that you as a purchaser can take to reduce the environmental footprint of…
    31 Oct 2018

    Security print tips: How to prevent document fraud

    Falsifying documents involves altering or modifying a document in order to intentionally deceive another person, business or organisation. Working with a security print specialist like Hague Print means that you will get access to expertise on the prevention of document fraud so you can be confident your documents include innovative…
    29 Oct 2018

    Is hologram sticker printing really worth it?

    It would be a big mistake to think that hologram sticker printing is simply an aesthetic consideration. Hologram labels are multipurpose assets which can be used for anything from adding an eye-catching element to packaging to authenticating products or documents and protecting them from counterfeiting. All this in one cost-effective…
    25 Oct 2018

    Five ways gift voucher printing can boost your Christmas sales

    Whatever kind of business you own, gift voucher printing can be a very effective way to boost your sales around the holidays. Christmas, of course, is prime time to be selling gift vouchers with shoppers spending small fortunes on gifts for family and friends. Engage with your consumers while they’re…
    23 Oct 2018

    Five reasons to use barcode labels for better inventory management

    Mastering barcode inventory management can ensure your business employs the most effective and reliable method for taking and managing stock. A well implemented barcode inventory control system allows you to keep accurate visibility on levels of inventory as well as notifying you when you need to reorder or return items.…
    18 Oct 2018

    Printing award certificates, or sharing them online, which is best?

    While it may seem like nearly everything takes place online these days, there is one thing that has not fully made the digital transition. Printing award certificates is still the preferred method of honouring achievements, but should it be? In this blog, Hague explores the pros and cons of print…
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