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    16 Oct 2018

    Steps to take if cheque fraud hits your business

    There is always the risk that genuine cheques from your company, clients or suppliers could be stolen, tampered with or counterfeited. With the new digital cheque clearing system comes the revival of cheques and while the threat of cheque fraud with this method is much lower, what preventative measures can…
    11 Oct 2018

    Environmentally-friendly printing: The first step to a sustainable business

    With rising awareness of the impact of environmental threats like climate change, many companies are educating themselves about what it means to operate a sustainable business. From heating and cooling the building to waste removal, all everyday operations can affect the environment. Environmentally-friendly printing is another great, and crucial, opportunity…
    09 Oct 2018

    Offset print or digital: Which gives you a better quality print?

    It’s soon to be one of the most asked questions in the print industry: is offset printing better quality that digital printing? When it comes to choosing offset print or digital for your printed business materials, which provides a better quality finish? First off, the answer is not as simple…
    03 Oct 2018

    The benefit of using print management companies

    Every business is different, but all business owners have one thing in common: they want to cut back on unnecessary expenditure. One of the simplest ways to do this is to reduce expenditure on print resources. That’s where print management companies come in! Spending associated with printing can represent between…
    01 Oct 2018

    Printed roll labels are a must-have for all retail businesses

    Retail is a highly competitive industry which means brand owners need to utilise all the resources available to stand apart from competitors. From visual merchandising to printed roll labels that provide information about products, every aspect of your retail business should be carefully considered. Making full use of printed roll…
    27 Sep 2018

    Cheque imaging will breathe new life into cheque payments

    If you think that cheques are no longer part of everyday business life, we’re afraid that’s not quite the case just yet! With the new cheque clearing system which has been rolled out by many banks (and will be implemented by all banks by 31st December), cheques are set to…
    25 Sep 2018

    Custom event ticket printing for your company Christmas party

    We hate to say it but Christmas isn’t a million miles away. It will feel even closer if you’re tasked with planning the company Christmas party. Make sure you have an amazing employee holiday bash from start to finish by kicking things off with custom event ticket printing. Whether your…
    20 Sep 2018

    Hague’s ultimate guide to sustainable paper

    At Hague Print, we are committed to caring for the environment and work every day to keep the impact that our business has on the planet to a minimum. As part of this effort we ensure that we work with partners who use sustainable products so that we play our…
    18 Sep 2018

    Five expert tips to grab peoples’ attention with direct mail

    When questioning how to market your business, you might be tempted to go down the easy route of digital marketing. After all, setting up a Facebook advert can take just a few minutes and several clicks of a mouse. However, if you really want to get your consumers’ attention, you…
    12 Sep 2018

    Hologram labels and four other great ways to prevent counterfeiting

    Counterfeiting affects a wide range of industries, from pharmaceutical products to handbags and car parts. Regardless of the nature of your business, if you are manufacturing products you need to take steps to protect them from counterfeiters. From hologram labels to registering your trademarks, there are steps you can take…
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