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    20 Aug 2019

    How the print industry is going green

    There’s no getting away from it, each business has a carbon footprint. A carbon footprint is a measure of carbon dioxide which is released into the atmosphere as a consequence of the activities the business performs. Carbon dioxide is classed as ‘greenhouse gas’ and is particularly harmful as it causes…
    14 Aug 2019

    How small businesses can make their address labels on a roll stand out

    For a small business who doesn’t have access to the large marketing budgets that their bigger competitors benefit from, they have to work extra hard to get their name known. The beauty of marketing is that there is always something you can do, no matter what your budget is. Of…
    12 Aug 2019

    When to outsource to a print management firm?

    Print is often not thought of as a business priority and when it is, it can be knocked down the priority list by more time or money sensitive tasks. But a failure to properly monitor and manage your printing could be costing your business a lot of money. There are…
    07 Aug 2019

    Protect your business and staff with hologram ID cards

    Theft and attacks on businesses are on the rise and the result can be that businesses are left thousands of pounds out of pocket. Losses can occur when someone breaks into the premises, when employees steal from you or when unauthorised people gain access to the business. There are several…
    05 Aug 2019

    I’m a start-up, should I be printing cheques for my business?

    Even though the use of cheques has reduced over the last decade due to the technological advances in online and mobile banking, as a new business you may still prefer to use cheques. Most of us are used to handling cheques that have been supplied by our bank, but what…
    31 Jul 2019

    Grow your newsletter subscription list with print

    Newsletters are an amazing way for a business of any size and in any industry to keep in touch with their current customers and those who haven’t yet made a purchase. Newsletters can be used to: Promote your existing products or services Announce the launch of a new product or…
    29 Jul 2019

    How to be smart with your printing

    If your business, school, charity or institution prints a lot of documents, you’ve probably noticed how much you spend on paper and ink and don’t forget the cost of running the printers. It’s estimated that each employee prints around 10,000 pages of paper each year at a cost of around…
    25 Jul 2019

    So, you want to print a giant cheque?

    We’ve all seen the images of shocked looking lottery winners holding a printed giant cheque which displays the millions of pounds they’ve won, while champagne corks pop around them. It’s not always possible to cash a giant cheque (we don’t think many banks have a machine big enough to process…
    23 Jul 2019

    Why paper can be best for gift vouchers

    Despite many industries having a tough time because of the economic uncertainty Brexit is creating, the UK gift card sector is thriving. According to the UK Gift Card and Voucher Association (UKGCVA), the trade body and membership organisation which represents retailers and suppliers of UK gift cards and vouchers, the…
    18 Jul 2019

    Is using paper environmentally friendly?

    There’s no getting away from it, each year, businesses and institutions use a huge amount of paper on things like printing documents and marketing materials (e.g. leaflets, postcards, brochures) and creating packaging and labels for their products. Estimates have it that each person in the UK uses 4.5 trees worth…
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