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    27 May 2014

    How to use personas to improve the success of your direct marketing campaigns.

    What is a persona? Marketing personas are a powerful tool that can be used to help understand more about your customers and allow you to target your direct marketing more effectively. Putting together a set of personas to refer to when creating campaigns will help you put yourself in your…
    21 May 2014

    What does your colour scheme say about your brand?

    As specialist printers, we provide printing solutions to brands all around the World in every colour under the rainbow, but have you ever wondered what your colour scheme says about your brand? Although colour preference is very subjective, there have been numerous studies into people's perception of colours, here's some…
    16 May 2014

    Could hologram stickers help regulate cricket matches?

    Hologram stickers have long been used for security purposes - including the protection of passports and banknotes in many countries. Because they cannot be copied, forged or altered they are one of the most secure methods of verification. In sticker form, holograms are particularly useful to manufacturers of everything from…
    13 May 2014

    Is your event ticket secure? Security techniques to look for when ticket printing

    Whatever your event, when looking into getting your event ticket printed it's vital to consider the security options your printer can offer. Ticket touts are getting more sophisticated, with 67,000 fake festival tickets reported to be in circulation last year. With this in mind, making sure your ticket has anti-forgery…
    07 May 2014

    23 uses for printed labels on a roll

    Have you ever used printed labels on a roll in your business? If you have, you'll know how incredibly useful labels can be - they have a huge range of applications. Here's 23 of our favourite uses for printed labels on a roll (but we could go on much longer!).…
    02 May 2014

    Five things to consider when printing gift vouchers for your small business

    If you run a small business, offering gift vouchers can be a lucrative way of driving sales and reaching new audiences. Studies have found that over half of purchasers using gift vouchers spend more than the value of the voucher. However, not all gift vouchers are created equal, here's five…
    01 May 2014

    Is secure cheque printing and related fraud a global issue?

    Those who regularly peruse our blog will have noticed that we've mentioned the issue of cheque fraud before, it's a big issue that seems to be, for the most part, being ignored. In previous articles we've highlighted crimes focused around gangs of thieves obtaining genuine cheque books, and using them…
    22 Apr 2014

    Trusting Banks Again: Improving Reputation by Improving Customer Experience

    Financial crisis or not, the banks and the bankers have had a long standing PR problem on the whole that has only worsened in the days of the credit crunch. Bonus schemes and expenses scandals stand alongside the ethical minefields of using cheap offshore labour and tax avoidance/evasion. However, some…
    02 Apr 2014

    Yorkshire Grand Départ

    Yes, the Tour de France Grand Départ 2014 is coming to Yorkshire! There's been much talk about the upcoming event; the layer of excitement, anticipation and prestige surrounding such a longstanding and globally appreciated sporting event, underpinned by the ongoing debate as to the tangible benefit to our economy. Let's…
    24 Mar 2014

    Could secure printing have helped to reduce the scale of the recent £120k cashing scam?

    We've written previously about the issues surrounding cheques and the relative ease with which certain criminals are able to fraudulently obtain huge sums of money. The Liverpool Echo recently published an article about a group who had collectively netted over £120,000 and are now facing time in prison. The specific…
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