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    18 Feb 2014

    The importance of brand protection, could it have saved Aston Martin time, money and most importantly, its reputation?

    Product Piracy is becoming a major problem due to its high profitability. This is why Brand Protection is becoming more and more important for industries with high standard products, such as pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, tobacco, alcohol, and many more. It is not only important for the manufacturer to protect its products…
    10 Feb 2014

    Can gift voucher printing help you achieve a successful Valentine’s day?

    We'll admit it; at first glance printing solutions don't appear to be particularly romantic, however, when you drill down and think outside the standard business uses for print, you'll start to see a firm link between Valentine's Day and the print industry! Where do you think the card you sent…
    31 Jan 2014

    Could stealth printing techniques help to prevent cheque fraud?

    Following a recent article in the Daventry Express, detailing how a postal worker helped to facilitate frauds with a total cost to banks of over £1 million we've been discussing whether stealth printing techniques could help to prevent similar crimes. The difficulty of this particular fraudulent crime is that the…
    24 Jan 2014

    How will 3D printing impact the printing industry?

    As the phenomenon of 3D printing has snowballed over recent years, the printing industry has been increasingly concerning itself with how it will impact upon its ability to deliver printing solutions that people and businesses actually want. As 3D printing technology has developed, many onlookers have predicted that it will…
    22 Jan 2014

    The difference printing makes to your degree certificate

    The Hague office has been hot with talk of the various sectors to which we provide printing solutions this week, so we thought it would be helpful to highlight the importance of degree certificate printing within the educational spectrum. The psychological affiliation between certificates, success and achievement is something that…
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