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    05 Jun 2019

    Print is the perfect partner for marketing your e-commerce business

    Online advertising is a big focus for businesses of all sizes and as consumers preference for searching for information and products online grows, online advertising budgets will continue to increase. A report commissioned by the Department for Digital, Cultural, Media and Sport, titled ‘Online advertising in the UK’ found that…
    03 Jun 2019

    Speed up returns with printed return labels

    According to a report by the Royal Mail, titled ‘Delivery Matters’ 87% of retail purchases in 2017 were made online. This is an increase of around 7% compared to the year before. Figures released in 2018 by the Office for National Statistics show that one in every five pounds spent…
    30 May 2019

    Alternatives to staples for print certificates

    A print certificate can be awarded for numerous reasons, such as; showing your appreciation to volunteers for work well done, to hand out to students on their graduation day or to reward employees for reaching work milestones e.g. number of years’ service or passing a training program. Certificates are created…
    28 May 2019

    Choosing colours for your printed labels

    The study of the effect colour has on human emotions is called ‘colour psychology.’ Scientists have found that different colours can have an unconscious effect on our behaviour and big businesses are spending huge sums of money on selecting colours which have a positive association for their brand and promotional…
    23 May 2019

    How to protect your logo on printed items

    A logo is the visual identity for your brand and it helps your business stand out in a sea of competitors. They can be used across a range of printed items like leaflets, letters, labels, stickers and certificates. Logos have a financial value attached to them and some companies spend…
    20 May 2019

    Say thank you to valued volunteers with a printed certificate

    People in the UK are a passionate and generous bunch. Figures released in 2018 by the Department for Media, Culture and Sport (DCMS) report that over one in five people volunteer their time at least once a month. The report also shows that those aged between 65 and 74 years…
    16 May 2019

    The differences between printed labels and stickers

    A printed label and a sticker are both the same thing, right? Well, you may be surprised to hear that while both have subtle similarities, there are several key differences. First, let’s explore what a label and sticker are. A label is defined by the Oxford Dictionary as “A small…
    14 May 2019

    Add an extra layer of security to your gift vouchers with magnetic ink

    Offering gift vouchers is a fantastic way to create brand loyalty and to convert one-time buyers into repeat customers. According to the UK Gift Card & Voucher Association (UKGCVA) in 2018, UK consumers spent around £6 billion on gift cards and vouchers. However, this increase in spending also means that…
    09 May 2019

    Choosing fonts for certificate printing

    The printed word has been around since 220 A.D. when wooden block printing was first used in China. Over time different styles of fonts have been developed and today there are approximately 300,000 individual styles. Whether you’re looking for a font which is aligned with your brand or you’re looking…
    07 May 2019

    Should I be using labels on a roll?

    With over 30 years of experience working with businesses to deliver exceptional custom printing solutions, one of the things we frequently get asked is, “Should I be using labels on a roll?” Unfortunately, there is no straightforward yes or no answer. Whether you should be using labels on a roll…
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