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    01 Aug 2018

    Make your next sale stress-free with printed roll labels

    Retailers often need to plan clearance sales throughout the year — not only does it make space for new merchandise, but it also means that you can boost sales at some of the quieter times of the year. That’s not to say promotional sales are without stress though! If anything,…
    30 Jul 2018

    Should you be using hologram labels to stand out?

    Adding hologram labels to any item or piece of packaging is a fantastic way to make it stand out and add that little something extra. Whether that’s including a hologram label on your business cards, creating employee ID cards with holograms or attaching hologram labels to your products, whoever sees…
    25 Jul 2018

    Cheque fraud overtaken by contactless card fraud

    Earlier this year, it was announced that cheque fraud scams had been overtaken as the most common form of fraud and that contactless card fraud has become more prevalent. The news led fraud experts to caution banks not to remove the £30 limit on contactless payments, warning that it could…
    23 Jul 2018

    How can retail businesses benefit from print management companies?

    Most retail businesses use print in a variety of ways, from printed marketing materials such as brochures and gift voucher printing to everyday items like barcode labels and stock rotation labels. With so many considerations to take into account for each of these very different purposes, it makes sense for…
    18 Jul 2018

    The most common myths about sustainable printing

    Sustainable printing may seem like a process that could result in you making compromises, or impacting your day to day operations, however this really isn’t the case. Here are some of the most common misconceptions when it comes to sustainable printing. Myth one: It costs too much Put the words…
    16 Jul 2018

    Prediction: What’s the future of direct mail marketing?

    “As the world becomes more digital, smart people turn to mail,” says Ben Hammersley, Former Deputy Editor of WIRED magazine. It’s true that nowadays many people may be glued to their smartphones, but direct mail marketing is still one of the best ways to truly have an impact on your…
    12 Jul 2018

    Stock rotation labels: The best method to manage your stock?

    Great logistics are the cornerstone of any business, and in particular when it comes to managing stock. Ensuring your products are in the right place at the right time prevents your customers from being let down and builds trust in your promise to always deliver. Stock rotation labels are among…
    09 Jul 2018

    Why custom event ticket printing is so important

    Ticket design can, unfortunately, be sometimes overlooked. Event planners and organisers are more concerned with the event itself than with what the tickets look like. However, there is never an occasion where that should be the case as custom event ticket printing can be the cherry on top that turns…
    04 Jul 2018

    Does voucher printing really work for businesses?

    As a business owner, you probably often ask yourself how you can bring in more revenue. The answer is, of course, selling more. But the million dollar question is how? Voucher printing is one of the most effective ways to drive more sales throughout the year, as well as meaning…
    02 Jul 2018

    Security print and GDPR compliance: Is your printing compliant?

    In May 2018, the new EU Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) came into effect, totally overhauling many business operations that had been in place for decades. But GDPR doesn’t just relate to the way that your business uses consumer data online; all businesses within the EU must also make sure they…
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