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    20 Sep 2018

    Hague’s ultimate guide to sustainable paper

    At Hague Print, we are committed to caring for the environment and work every day to keep the impact that our business has on the planet to a minimum. As part of this effort we ensure that we work with partners who use sustainable products so that we play our…
    18 Sep 2018

    Five expert tips to grab peoples’ attention with direct mail

    When questioning how to market your business, you might be tempted to go down the easy route of digital marketing. After all, setting up a Facebook advert can take just a few minutes and several clicks of a mouse. However, if you really want to get your consumers’ attention, you…
    12 Sep 2018

    Hologram labels and four other great ways to prevent counterfeiting

    Counterfeiting affects a wide range of industries, from pharmaceutical products to handbags and car parts. Regardless of the nature of your business, if you are manufacturing products you need to take steps to protect them from counterfeiters. From hologram labels to registering your trademarks, there are steps you can take…
    10 Sep 2018

    Security printing: What could happen if you don’t protect printers?

    If your business handles its own security printing, whether that’s printing security cards, cheques, product authentication or stock certificates, then it is critical that you take due care to protect sensitive documents. If you don’t, you leave your business vulnerable to document fraud and your employees open to identity theft.…
    06 Sep 2018

    Gift voucher printing for business: How to promote vouchers

    Gift voucher printing has been hailed as ‘God’s gift to retail’ and with good reason! No matter how big your store is or what kind of business you operate, gift vouchers can be one of the best tools for boosting sales throughout the year. It’s one thing offering gift vouchers…
    04 Sep 2018

    Cheque printing for business: Five ways to prevent fraud

    Cheque printing is a common everyday practice for many businesses. Regardless of the size of your business, preventing cheque fraud should always be front of your mind. Neglecting cheque security even briefly can pose a huge threat to your business. Following the steps below can ensure your cheque printing is…
    29 Aug 2018

    Are 3D hologram stickers the key to great business cards?

    Despite a rise in digital platforms, and in particular social media, business cards are far from dead. If anything, they are a great supplement to digital connections. People are more likely to keep something tangible so while simply swapping email addresses may be increasingly popular, you’ll be more likely to…
    27 Aug 2018

    Four tried and tested green printing techniques

    As we become more aware of the daily impact that our actions have on the environment, it is important that businesses start increasing their focus on green printing. The best way to ensure your printing practices are green is by choosing a print management company with the knowhow to print…
    20 Aug 2018

    Can the print industry help businesses achieve manufacturing excellence?

    Manufacturing excellence is a combination of disciplined process control, process capability and reliability of equipment, punctual delivery to customers and a strong focus on safety. While on the surface these things may seem unrelated to the print industry, they are in fact closely tied and can be achieved through a…
    15 Aug 2018

    Five reasons you should use barcode labels

    Barcode labels aren’t just for use at the check-out, they are an extremely versatile piece of technology that can be used for various types of data collection. Using barcode labels not only can cut costs and save you and your employees time, they can also improve efficiency and trim down…
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