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    28 Mar 2018

    Print v Digital marketing: The pros and cons

    When it comes to the print v digital marketing debate, it can be hard to decide where to spend your money. It may seem confusing, but what it really means is that, as an advertiser or business owner, you now have more choice than ever! One could easily be forgiven…
    20 Mar 2018

    Sustainable paper: what is it and why should you care?

    There are many environmental, financial, and social reasons why being more sustainable will benefit your business. But before you start developing a sustainability strategy, you should understand why you’re doing it in the first place. After all, it’s about more than just buying sustainable paper (although it’s definitely a good…
    15 Mar 2018

    Direct mail is still most effective for direct response

    Marketers and business owners have been asking the same question for many years now: is direct mail a dead form a marketing? With digital marketing becoming the increasingly popular option, you’d be forgiven for thinking a good old fashioned direct mail campaign has had its day. But the data doesn’t…
    12 Mar 2018

    How to protect yourself from cheque fraud

    While their use has inarguably decreased, one in ten UK payments is still made via cheque. There are a couple of reasons why cheque use in the UK is still fairly common, as opposed to other European countries where cheques have become rarer. Among the reasons cheques are still popular…
    07 Mar 2018

    3D hologram stickers and other ways to make packaging stand out

    Product packaging plays an important role in the consumer’s decision to purchase. According to Business Insider, the first impression of a product takes just seven seconds, which means you don’t have long to impress prospective buyers! 3D hologram stickers are perhaps the most effective way to instantly make an impression…
    05 Mar 2018

    Are cheque printer machines really dead? Here’s how to print cheques

    Regular printers are perfectly capable of printing cheques, there really is no need for business owners to own a special cheque printing machine. However, if you want to print professional looking cheques then there are a few things you should be clear about first. First of all, you may ask…
    01 Mar 2018

    Gift voucher printing: how to boost sales

    Gift voucher printing is a tool that all business owners should have in their arsenal. But knowing how to market gift vouchers isn’t all that straightforward! If you want to promote a particular product or experience then gift voucher printing is the best and most cost-effective way to do this.…
    27 Feb 2018

    Solve these common stocktake errors with stocktake labels

    Is stocktake something you should actually bother with? The answer, of course, is a resounding yes! By completing regular stocktakes and having insight into your inventory you can find new ways to increase profits and improve your business. But there are many common mistakes that often arise when a business…
    21 Feb 2018

    Everything you wanted to know about Certificate Infilling

    Is your infilling & batching up process too labour intensive?   Can you easily keep track of what has gone where?   How secure is your data?   Are you able to upload data to a secure portal?   These are all essential questions you should be asking yourself to…
    21 Feb 2018

    Why card stock labels can win you more business

    As a manufacturer or retailer, is it really that important to pay attention to labels? The answer is that, of course, you should be creating labels that instantly appeal to your customers and convey the information they need to make a purchase. This is where card stock labels can be…
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