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    19 Feb 2018

    Choosing the right barcode labels for your business

    Choosing the correct barcode labels for your business can be a tricky decision. There are many different options that can be used for products, inventory, or assets — you need to decide which is best suited to your unique purpose. There are two categories of barcode labels: one-dimensional and two-dimensional. Each…
    12 Feb 2018

    Use custom holograms to prove collectables are genuine

    Custom holograms are the most cost-effective way a manufacturer can prove collectable products, such as sports memorabilia or fashion items, are genuine. This is most commonly done by using a master hologram which cannot be duplicated by counterfeiters, or by printing two identical custom holograms which feature corresponding serial numbers…
    09 Feb 2018

    Everything you wanted to know about Secure Certificates

    Are your certificates protected? It is important that your organisation has bespoke security solutions to make sure your documents are protected from duplication and alternative fraud. Bespoke solutions such as holograms, secure foiling, QR Codes, and invisible UV designs are required to avoid fraudulent activity. When sourcing a bespoke hologram,…
    09 Feb 2018

    Printed roll labels with barcodes help you track inventory

    Printed roll labels can be your secret weapon when it comes to keeping track of your stock and accessing key data about your products. With just one quick scan, you can instantly bring up all the details about a product such as how many items are available, what they cost,…
    07 Feb 2018

    How gift voucher printers can help with loyalty marketing

    Loyalty marketing is a form of marketing that offers special perks for repeat customers, instead of business owners seeking out new customers. Retaining existing customers through incentives is a powerful way for small businesses to grow and gift voucher printers can really help with this. There are many approaches to…
    05 Feb 2018

    How to choose the right wording for custom certificates

    When it comes to deciding what you will say on custom certificates, there really are no rules that are set in stone. However, of course, most certificates do follow certain guidelines in order to convey the right information. If you follow these guidelines, you too can create custom certificates that…
    01 Feb 2018

    Why should you choose print management companies?

    Print management companies offer solutions that can help you to complete all your business printing at the best possible price. If you’re currently doing your printing in-house, it’s well worth looking into finding a professional printing company that can most likely help you to cut your printing costs as well…
    30 Jan 2018

    Custom event ticket printing formatting tips

    When you’re planning an event one of the best ways to create a buzz around it is with custom event ticket printing. Ticket design really matters, yet is all too often overlooked. Event organisers forget that each ticket is a branding opportunity, and they are an important touchpoint with your…
    25 Jan 2018

    Use a 3D hologram sticker to design packaging with creative flair

    Designing packaging that shines right off the shelf is no simple task. The average supermarket holds around 40,000 different products, and at one point a designer has been assigned to each of those products to help make them appealing to consumers. If you want to add the wow factor to…
    23 Jan 2018

    About awarding bodies and certificate print

    An awarding body is an organisation that conceptualises, creates, delivers, and awards the recognition of course and learning outcomes to an individual after they have completed a formal assessment or process. Part of this process is the certificate print completed by the awarding body, after which certificates are awarded to…
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