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    20 Jun 2018

    Cardiff Business Awards 2018

    Hague attended the Cardiff Business Awards at the City Hall in Cardiff on the 15th June as we were shortlisted for International Business of the Year Award. This is the second time we have been shortlisted for an award. It's a great event and over 400 business people attended to…
    19 Jun 2018

    Christian Louboutin wins case over signature red soles

    The world-renowned shoe designer, Christian Louboutin, has recently won a case in the European Court of Justice relating to the brand's signature red soles. This was a surprise decision for many as it had previously been ruled that the red soles were not able to be protected as they related…
    18 Jun 2018

    Thousands of Chinese football fans fall victim to counterfeit World Cup tickets

    The 2018 World Cup recently began and people from across the world have been flying into Moscow to enjoy the tournament. However, some have been faced with a nightmare upon landing.  Around 3000 Chinese football fans had purchased counterfeit tickets and 10,000 had been reportedly sold worldwide, exceeding a total…
    04 Jun 2018

    Consumers Expect Brands To Protect Them From Counterfeits

    Research has discovered that, on average, around 50% of consumers expect a brand to protect them from counterfeited goods. Read the full article Social media plays a vital role when it comes to the cosmetic industry, with over 45% of research respondents stating that they have purchased cosmetics via a…
    29 May 2018

    Successful businesses are using print in new ways

    A Ricoh survey has concluded that successful businesses are using print in new ways.  Read the full article here. These new ways have included printing on different surfaces or use of digital technologies in textiles. The results have been extremely positive. Almost 70% of businesses believe that the new ways will…
    22 May 2018

    'Sharenting' is putting families at risk of online fraud

    What is 'sharenting'? 'Sharenting' is where parents share personal details about their children on social media. Why should we be concerned? Barclays has warned that 'sharenting' puts families at risk of fraud and identity theft. They further stated that it could be costing £670m by 2030. Social media has made…
    17 May 2018

    New Facebook Page

    Hague Print are now on Facebook! What will we be posting? Industry news and interesting updates from the world of security, print, counterfeiting and fraud. Blog posts on all new print trends. Short stories from clients that we have worked with. Sourcing flags, packaging, menus and more! Any news from…
    14 May 2018

    The Importance of Print

    Two Sides have conducted a survey that reflects people's attitudes when it comes to print and digital media. Read the full article here. It is becoming increasingly popular for people to have a 'social detox', switching off from the digital world and returning to print to wind down. The survey suggests…
    08 May 2018

    Almost 50% of brands hit by counterfeiting

    It has been revealed by Retail Sector that almost half of brands have fallen victim to counterfeiting. Respondants from multiple countries in Europe, including the UK, Italy, Spain and Sweden have been reportedly hit by pirated goods. Brand protection is becoming an increasing concern of businesses as they face the…
    01 May 2018

    Cardiff Business Awards 2018

    Hague Print are delighted to be shortlisted for International Business of the Year at the Cardiff Business Awards. This accolade is testament to the hard work shown by everyone within The Hague Group, especially the Cardiff office which continues to go from strength to strength. We are looking forward to…
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    HaguePrintUK Printing has become so easy that we often take it for granted. But where did print originate? We can date the first… https://t.co/wrET5alepq
    HaguePrintUK Christian Louboutin now have their brand protected across Europe as they won a case to protect their signature red… https://t.co/PeYcj8KBBA
    HaguePrintUK 3000 football fans have bought counterfeit tickets to the World Cup and are being faced with the prospect of missin… https://t.co/3QgyaUqQgP
    HaguePrintUK Hague attended the @CardiffBizAward last week as we were shortlisted for International Business of the Year Award f… https://t.co/6GFpYfn89g
    HaguePrintUK It has become so easy to print something that we have started to take printing for granted. But where did print ori… https://t.co/7soKUh21vB
    HaguePrintUK Christian Louboutin have won a case relating to their signature red soles, meaning their intellectual property & br… https://t.co/guiaDjBYFz
    HaguePrintUK Thousands of Chinese football fans have fallen victim to counterfeit tickets for the World Cup. Hague can design ev… https://t.co/qDIVcotX29
    HaguePrintUK Sticker marketing is a highly effective form of marketing that many businesses could be taking advantage of. Combin… https://t.co/NKRE2V0nlK
    HaguePrintUK Hague design and produce certificates throughout the UK and the world, working with leading institutes and brands.… https://t.co/ImE22Sz2fc
    HaguePrintUK Great to see Emma getting brilliant feedback from her customers! Emma was praised for her "personal attention" an… https://t.co/Q53ntdvZNS
    HaguePrintUK Sticker marketing is a highly effective form of marketing that many businesses could be taking advantage of. Keen t… https://t.co/6SkCCqD9Lv
    HaguePrintUK Hague have their own World Cup wall chart this year and we have a limited amount to giveaway to you! Do you want on… https://t.co/u93fJohkAE
    HaguePrintUK The new cheque clearing system was rolled out in 2017. Now, far from verging on extinction, cheques are thriving. B… https://t.co/PT5qPcCNJK
    HaguePrintUK Counterfeits are becoming increasingly more sophisticated and brands are beginning to focus on brand protection as… https://t.co/ntBShIvFaw
    HaguePrintUK When it comes to being environmentally friendly, it's important for the print industry to ensure they make sustaina… https://t.co/nMAEQU0AUR
    HaguePrintUK The cheque clearing system was rolled out in 2017, allowing the cheque to thrive. Business owners have enjoyed many… https://t.co/AssJwvVqA2
    HaguePrintUK Cheque imaging reduced the clearing time of cheques to just a single day but people are now concerned over whether… https://t.co/4mJQIvTa9p
    HaguePrintUK Successful businesses are using print in new ways - 70% believing this will create more revenue. Printing can help… https://t.co/qImBGzbWPJ
    HaguePrintUK In the US, counterfeits cost the cosmetic industry $75 million each year. Research has suggested that 50% of consum… https://t.co/7CUudg2WJB
    HaguePrintUK RT @FranHaguePrint: Happy Friday Everyone! Check out our Non-residue packaging tape which leaves no damage to your packaging but still show…
    HaguePrintUK Cheque imaging reduced the clearing time of cheques to just a single day but people are now concerned over whether… https://t.co/WFNKMLh3Bb
    HaguePrintUK Graduation is fast approaching and we are talking about the benefits of custom certificates over generic certificat… https://t.co/PPYRhYXJJL
    HaguePrintUK A Ricoh survey has concluded that successful business are using print in new ways. The results have shown that 70%… https://t.co/AYSkfn8JCW
    HaguePrintUK Graduation is fast approaching. When students graduate, they'll usually be awarded a certificate to prove they've c… https://t.co/vIhVu00410
    HaguePrintUK Are you GDPR ready? Seems like it is all people are talking about! Want to know whether it will impact direct mail… https://t.co/ztqMdmqA7n
    HaguePrintUK When was the last time you check your privacy settings on social media? Barclays warns that 'sharenting' is puttin… https://t.co/IMtPXG6HFf
    HaguePrintUK 86% of charities say that cheques are crucial to them. Find out how a new image clearing system is a positive innov… https://t.co/xeH5Vu5YQJ
    HaguePrintUK The conference today was brilliant. Thank you for having us @BSABuildingSocs! #Manchester #Conference #Print https://t.co/dal3tNMrBK
    HaguePrintUK RT @ContracPM: Millennials are seen as having their phones as an extra limb but studies show that they're more inclined to use physical pri…

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