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    19 Jul 2018

    Burberry destroys stock worth almost £30m to protect brand

    Burberry destroyed £28.6m worth of unsold clothes, accessories and perfume to protect their brand.

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    This means that over 5 years, Burberry has destroyed over £90m worth of stock.

    Burberry have defended themselves against environmentalist critics by saying that they capture the energy that is generated by destoying the stock however Lu Yen of Greenpeece believes there is another route. "The growing amount of overstock points to overproduction, and instead of slowing down their production, they incinerate perfectly good clothes and products."

    Destroying the stock is part of a plan to protect the brand from counterfeiters and make it the exclusive name that it was previously before counterfeiters were "sticking the Burberry check on anything they could", said Maria Malone, principal lecturer on the fashion business at Manchester Metropolitan University.

    Ultimately, Burberry are trying to prevent the market being flooded with discounted stock. Ms Malone stated that "they don't want Burberry products to get into the hands of anyone who can sell them at a discount and devalue the brand".

    Protecting your brand is incredibly important and should be at the forefront of business decisions.

    Hague provide specific tailored products and services to combat theft, counterfeit, fraud, alteration and Grey market products. Our expertise helps protect your brand from attacks that undermine company revenue, destroy consumer confidence and create Health and Safety issues.

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    Hague supplies the most comprehensive range of brand protection and secure printing solutions available in the market today

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