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    28 Jun 2018

    Protecting Your Brand From Brand Impersonations

    Research has shown that malicious impersonations have increased 11 times since 2014. The scope of social media means that it is vulnerable industry for cyber criminals to exploit. Read the full article Although companies use the blue verification tick to certify that a brand is genuine, social networks rely heavily…
    27 Jun 2018

    National Writing Day

    Today is National Writing Day and we're thinking about the power of print and the benefits that writing can have to your health. Read the full article. How often do you spend time writing something down? Sometimes we need to step away from our phones, tablets and computer screens and…
    26 Jun 2018

    Fake degrees are becoming a problem for the "selfie generation"

    Fake degrees are becoming an ever-increasing problem for the "selfie-generation" who become victims of fraud after taking photos with their certificates. Read the full article Fraudsters are targeting graduating students who post photos on social media with the certificate. Students are now being urged to refrain from posting such photos…
    26 Jun 2018

    Social Media Day

    June 30th is Social Media Day and it is the perfect time to follow Hague Print on our different platforms. On June 30, 2010, Mashable launched Social Media Day as a way to recognize and celebrate social media’s impact on global communication.  While every day is essentially Social Media Day,…
    20 Jun 2018

    Cardiff Business Awards 2018

    Hague attended the Cardiff Business Awards at the City Hall in Cardiff on the 15th June as we were shortlisted for International Business of the Year Award. This is the second time we have been shortlisted for an award. It's a great event and over 400 business people attended to…
    19 Jun 2018

    Christian Louboutin wins case over signature red soles

    The world-renowned shoe designer, Christian Louboutin, has recently won a case in the European Court of Justice relating to the brand's signature red soles. This was a surprise decision for many as it had previously been ruled that the red soles were not able to be protected as they related…
    18 Jun 2018

    Thousands of Chinese football fans fall victim to counterfeit World Cup tickets

    The 2018 World Cup recently began and people from across the world have been flying into Moscow to enjoy the tournament. However, some have been faced with a nightmare upon landing.  Around 3000 Chinese football fans had purchased counterfeit tickets and 10,000 had been reportedly sold worldwide, exceeding a total…
    04 Jun 2018

    Consumers Expect Brands To Protect Them From Counterfeits

    Research has discovered that, on average, around 50% of consumers expect a brand to protect them from counterfeited goods. Read the full article Social media plays a vital role when it comes to the cosmetic industry, with over 45% of research respondents stating that they have purchased cosmetics via a…
    29 May 2018

    Successful businesses are using print in new ways

    A Ricoh survey has concluded that successful businesses are using print in new ways.  Read the full article here. These new ways have included printing on different surfaces or use of digital technologies in textiles. The results have been extremely positive. Almost 70% of businesses believe that the new ways will…
    22 May 2018

    'Sharenting' is putting families at risk of online fraud

    What is 'sharenting'? 'Sharenting' is where parents share personal details about their children on social media. Why should we be concerned? Barclays has warned that 'sharenting' puts families at risk of fraud and identity theft. They further stated that it could be costing £670m by 2030. Social media has made…
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