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    Premier Archive

    Premier Archive is an enterprise-scale, web-based document archiving and retrieval solution.

    It allows you or your clients an archive and retrieval service that can manage high volumes of electronic documents securely and efficiently.

    Premier Archive is built for lightning fast archiving and retrieval faster than your high speed printers can print them. The online archive can be immediately available to clients, and contact centre staff can search for, locate and display perfect document images in seconds.

    You and your clients don't need a major process change or IT project to implement Premier Archive. Premier Archive works by processing the print spool file, analysing the data and storing individual components with indexing information for later reconstruction on retrieval. This means that it is not only simple to archive into Premier Archive (if you're currently printing it, you can archive it) but it's also very space-efficient.

    Premier Archive provides a thin client to work with the documents, so users only need their web browser to access all the functionality the system offers. Besides the standard publish-render feature set, Premier Archive also offers features such as batch export, offline media creation, notes and history, document emailing and an amendments function that allows operators to quickly revise permitted fields and re-issue a document.

    Premier Archive can be installed as a standalone system, or be fully integrated with your customer's contact management systems. It offers an open interface to 3rd party applications such as SAP or Internet Banking systems via SOAP based web services. It's highly scalable architecture will allow you to meet the requirements of even your most demanding customers, and to grow the service as your business grows.

    Hague supplies the most comprehensive range of brand protection and secure printing solutions available in the market today

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